If you’re driving in O'Fallon, MO, you’ll need to be aware of when you should replace your tires. Here at O'Fallon Buick GMC, we are going to share the five signs you should look out for when assessing your tires’ health.

Pressure Warning Light: One of the easiest ways to know your tires need service is the tire pressure light. This signal will start lighting up when your pressure is too low, and they’ll require a fill-up to regulate the internal pressure.

Tire cracks - Any form of tire damage is a clear sign that you should replace your tires. Cracks can lead to blowouts and potential accidents, so visit your mechanic if you spot this problem.

Tread wear - Tread is responsible for providing the traction your car needs for stability. Heading to a local mechanic can help identify what caused the problem since tread wear can indicate other vehicle issues.

Side-tire wear - If your tires are worn out on a particular side, it might mean that your car has damaged springs, misalignment, or other problems. Though it may seem minor, you want to visit a mechanic immediately if you see this problem.

Vibration - All vehicles vibrate, and abnormal vibration can let you know that your tires need service. Not only will you want to replace your tires, but your car will likely need extra work in other areas to solve the issue thoroughly.

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